Earn Money Online Doing Simple Tasks

To those who are looking to make money by spending only few hours a day doing simple tasks such as clicking ads, reading emails and filling surveys – there really are such jobs available but you can’t really make a lot out of those. If you can make 50 bucks a month by doing such tasks is already considered very good. These programs are totally FREE to join with option to upgrade if you want to earn more. Before joining any of such programs, I suggest you create a brand new email address specially meant for these. Gmail is a good option. Once you join these programs, they will be sending you loads of emails – some of which you will get paid for reading and some are just newsletters you must subscribe to be eligible. Be sure to add them to your safe list so that they are not regarded as spam. Otherwise, check you spam inbox all the time.

Secondly, set up a PayPal account to receive payment. It’s FREE to send/ receive payment through PayPal (but I think it has recently set a new term to charge individual for receiving payment from non-individual account). If you do not have PayPal, you have to look at other options that the programs provide such as AlertPay, MoneyBookers etc. I would say payment via check is less likely available and even if available the minimum payout is rather high. If you are in doubts of certain programs being scam, always go into the forum section. If not available, browse the internet and poke your nose into other people’s forums. There are sites that pay very good - but do they really pay? In the end of the day, you may just find yourself wasting time if they are just not paying. These sites that I recommend here are sites that I’ve already earned or received money from.

To keep information up to date, some sites are currently under construction. If you happen to land on these sites, sincerely sorry. Please do come back again soon…